Private Makeup Class San Francisco, One-on-one Instruction

Mei offers a one-on-one makeup class at the Union Square San Francisco studio. The class is designed for all skill levels, whether you are a professional or just looking to improve your day-to-day makeup routine.

Unlike other class experiences that are product driven, there are no sales pitches for product. In fact, we encourage you to come with whatever you have, and we can help fill in the gaps so you can then go out to purchase the perfect product that works for you.

Our focus is makeup instruction in a one-on-one environment. By breaking the class into two parts, it allows for our clients to practice on their own time, then come back with questions for the second class. We have found that this provides the best value.

Fee: $295 (two-hour initial session, then a one-hour session)

We hope to see you soon!

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