Hair Makeup Wedding San FranciscoDana S. (San Francisco)

Hi Mei and Robert, Thank you so much for everything you did to make us beautiful for the wedding.

Hair Makeup San FranciscoCarol K. (Kauai)

All I have to say is "Mei is a perfectionist!"....she traveled to Kauai for my wedding and made me look perfect from my ceremony up to the reception. She also did my mom's make-up and understood exactly how to work with her skin's needs.

Now that I am back from our destination wedding, I couldn't help but write this review to rave about her! She is a professional who is fun and understand your needs. The make-up looked very natural and it came out in my pictures flawlessly!! Mei can do amazing things with fake eyelashes-- they were lush and looked real!

One thing I've noticed from working with different make-up artist in the past (many times as a bridesmaid), some don't clean their brushes. Mei told me at the trial she cleans her brushes and make-up with alcohol which is probably the main reason my skin remained flawless and didn't break-out by the end of the night (my skin can get sensitive at times).

Thank you so much for being there, Mei! I will definitely refer my friends who had recently got engaged to you. :)

Hair Makeup Wedding San FranciscoJulie N. (San Francisco)

Hi Mei (and new daddy Robert), Thank you so much all your hard work for our Sept. 19 wedding at the Clift. My girls and Mom looked amazing. Everyone commented on how wonderful we all looked! I hope that you and your growing family have a blessed holiday season!

Hair Makeup San FranciscoHeidi M. (San Francisco)

Dear Mei - Thank you so much for making me so beautiful for my big day! I got so many compliments (especially on my hair)! You are so talented and I'm very glad I was able to work with you.

Hair Makeup San FranciscoSherri A. (Portola Valley)

Thank you for such a great job before my wedding. I loved my make-up and it looked wonderful all day and night long.

Hair Makeup San FranciscoRosalyn C. (Mountain View)

Thanks so much for doing my consultation yesterday and I've decided that you'd be the best person for hair for my wedding! I love the hairstyle and I got so many compliments for it, too. I went in, she took a look at my hair/facial structure and suggested a style. I tried it and it turned out awesome. It was elegant and unique in all the ways that it should be. It's a hairstyle that's so beautiful. It turns out that she's a trapeze artist turned makeup/hair stylist. She used to tour with Cirque du Soleil and is from Yunnan China. It's pretty cool to talk to her and get to know her. Oh, and her name is Mei and her company is Triple Twist Makeup and Hair. I took a huge risk and it majorly payed off. like Big time.

Hair Makeup San FranciscoMelinda M. (San Francisco)

I wanted to thank you both for how comfortable you made me feel... I felt beautiful (thank you Mei) and got lots of compliments.