Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding Makeup and Hair

Bethany contacted us from Washington and secured her date for her wedding at Casa Real at the iconic Ruby Hill Winery. Her vision was elegant, natural makeup and a graceful updo with a gardenia to compliment her beautiful wedding dress and Tiffany jewelry. We loved hearing about how she met Gary and their plans for the future.

Casa Real Winery Wedding Photos

Casa Real wedding photos courtesy of the very talented Tyler Vu.

Wedding Makeup and Hair, Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, Triple Twist

Glowing, Natural, Elegant Makeup and Hair, Triple Twist

Triple Twst Makeup and Hair Design

Natural, Timeless Makeup and Hair Design, Casa Real Winery

Makeup and Hair by Mei of Triple Twist, Casa Real Winery

Casa Real Winery, Wedding Makeup and Hair by Triple Twist

Black and White Wedding Makeup and Hair, Casa Real Winery, Triple Twist

Casa Real Winery Wedding Makeup and Hair Artist On Location Traveling Triple Twist

Trial Photo

Robert snapped this trial photo and emailed it same day, a free service included as part of our bridal trials.

Short hair updo bun, Natural, Glowing Makeup

Photographer: Tyler Vu
Day of Coordinator: Zainab Ahmad, Casa Real
Flowers & Event Designer: Nicole Ha
Cake: Cake Delight
Music: Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound
Cellist: David Abramsky

Julie + Ryan | Bear Flag Farm (Hair and Makeup)

We met Julie early this year at her bridal trial for her wedding at Bear Flag Farm, just a few miles from the UC Davis Campus in Winters, CA.

Julie originally wanted a soft natural look, and after previewing our bridal trial photos, she decided to go with slightly bolder features. After taking detailed notes, on the day of the wedding we confirmed the changes and were set to work with her and her party. This photo is from her trial at our studio in San Francisco:

Bridal Trial in San Francisco for Wedding Makeup and Hair

After we got ready at their bridal suite, Julie worked with Mei on the farm for some quick touch-ups.

Julie’s was the first wedding of the season at Bear Flag Farm, and we were so thrilled to work with Tina and the crew prior to their ceremony. These shots are courtesy of the very talented Sherman Chu, a skilled photographer who has a gift for capturing the best wedding moments, see below:

Korean Wedding at Bear Flag Farm

Classic Bridal Updo, Hair styling and Makeup by Mei

Hair and Makeup at Bear Flag Farm

Bear Flag Farm, Wedding Hair and Makeup by Triple Twist

Asian Bridal Updo in the Bay Area, California

Bear Flag Farm

Thank you Julie!

On Location Mobile Studio

Our on-location service is amazing. We arrive with a complete mobile studio to your home or hotel suite – it’s a luxury that allows you to choose when and where you would like to get ready for your big day.

Makeup and Hair On Location Mill Vallery San Francisco
Makeup and Hair On Location Mill Vallery San Francisco

Professional Wedding Makeup Artist Hair Stylist San Francisco Napa Area

Triple Twist On Location at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.

Professional On Location Makeup and Hair Service SF Bay Area

Triple Twist On Location at the Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley, CA.

Professional On Location Wedding Makeup and Hair Styling Bay Area

Triple Twist On Location at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco.

Why Choose On Location Makeup and Hair Services

  1. Complete Studio in Your Room
    We arrive with our lighted Italian-made makeup table with a mirror, director chairs and everything else needed to provide full-service makeup and hair application.
  2. Clean Equipment 
    All of our equipment is disinfected prior to use, and our makeup table (which is cleaned after each use) provides a clean surface for our tools.
  3. Save Time
    By having us come to you, you can forget about getting up early, stressing about traffic and parking to our studio before your ceremony.
  4. We Bring It All
    The plug is on the other side of the room? We have extension cords, power strips, and even gaffer tape to make sure no one is inconvenienced. Low light room? Our vanity of lights will evenly light your face, ensuring perfect makeup in any environment. No high chairs? We have comfortable, solid wood director chairs. The only mirror is in the bathroom? Our table has a mirror, allowing us to get you ready anywhere.
  5. Fast Service, No Footprint
    The entire setup is quickly and quietly installed and setup in about 12 minutes, all before your start time. After we are done, we immediately store the equipment and collapse the kits, and are off so you can focus on the rest of your preparation.
  6. Great Value
    Save time, alleviate stress, and be pampered on the most important day of your life, all at rates that are very affordable.
  7. Gorgeous Backdrop
    We get constant feedback from videographers, photographers and brides about how much they love the look and feel of the table, lights, and action. If you want the best ‘behind-the-scenes-get-ready’ shots, our lighted Italian makeup table as a beautiful, timeless prop.
On Location Makeup Artist, Hotel San Francisco, Marin, Napa, San Jose
Our on-location kit looks stunning in your wedding photos.
Affordable luxury - on location services. Includes Italian makeup table, vanity lights, mirrors, director's chair, and more.
Affordable luxury – on location services. Includes Italian makeup table, vanity lights, mirrors, director’s chair, and more.

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