Argonaut SF Wedding Makeup and Hair

Professional San Francisco Makeup and Hair - Triple Twist

Photo: By Vincent Au. Mei working with Yulia at the Argonaut with our Triple Twist mobile studio.

Yelp on 5/23/11: “It took me a while to find a hair stylist and make up artist for my wedding. YELP helped to make a choice and I am happy that I chose Triple Twist. Mei and Robert were an absolute pleasure to work with. It was a very easy and stress-free process. Robert was great at scheduling the services and the trial. Mei did a great job with the hair and make-up. Many guests commented that my hair looked great on the wedding day; the make-up was done very well and it looked fresh the entire night. Both Robert and Mei are very kind, professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend Triple Twist. The products and techniques that Mei uses are great for weddings as I did not have to worry about my hair or make-up the entire evening.

Mei and Robert, thank you for making my wedding day a special one. We wish you all the best and many more brides to come.

Yulia B.”

Thank you Yulia!

Thank you Elena!

“I was happy with my experience with Triple Twist. Mei gave me a very natural look so that I still looked like me, just much better. She will listen to you but not hold back on her professional opinion of what will look best. Her husband Robert runs the business side of things and he is a pleasure to work with as well. He was incredibly organized and meticulous about everything. Our wedding was at a far out of the way, hard to find, location and they were there right on time b/c Robert had checked and rechecked the directions. Mei worked quickly on the day-of and we were done with plenty of time to spare. I was also impressed with the great, subtle job she did on my mother, who hardly wears any makeup normally. The makeup lasted like crazy. I looked pretty much the same at the end of the night as I did before the ceremony. The last time I had my hair straightened then curled with a curling iron, the curl came out really fast, but this time it was good for the whole night. Thank you Triple Twist!”