Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Hawaii Beach Weddings

L-R: Mei, Bride. Red carpet treatment on  a secluded beach near Princeville, Kauai.
L-R: Mei, Bride. Red carpet treatment on a secluded beach near Princeville, Kauai.

Destination Wedding in Hawaii

I traveled to Kauai, Hawaii in March 2009 for a wedding on a secluded beach. I was booked for the entire day for touch-up services, which ended up being a great move – beaches are windy! Right after the ceremony there was short, light rain that passed (it was so romantic)! I was able to adjust the bride’s hair and do quick touch-ups between the rain, wind and sun.

The Advantage

Because I am experienced with both hair and makeup, only one person is needed on your wedding day for these personal services.

I’m proud to say that my services are not limited to just makeup and hair design. When you choose my day packages and touch-up services, you are getting a personal beauty designer for the entire day. I am aware of the surroundings and the photographer, and I make quick in-and-out adjustments to your hair and makeup so you stay looking your best.

Touch-up services are a luxury you will not regret.  Contact me here to schedule services for your destination wedding or beach wedding.

Choosing the Best Wedding Makeup Artist / Hairstylist

There are obviously a number of factors that come in to play when you are choosing your makeup and hair artist. Experience, testimonials and reviews, price, to name a few.

In this industry, you really do get what you pay for. Your wedding date is a once in a lifetime event, so be wary of the lowest bidder. Are they professional? Are they reliable? Are they clean? We recommend using a professionally trained artist. Keep in mind that not all schools are the same. 

Mei is a top graduate of the Make-up Designory, or MUD, in Los Angeles, where she studied beauty makeup and hair styling, fashion, avant-garde, and character makeup. A MUD graduate is highly skilled and is a great choice.


Artists should have an updated portfolio with a sample of looks, showing a variety of skin tones, hair styles, etc. It is a plus if they have a professionally designed web site with online photos of their work and an easy way to contact them. They should respond quickly to inquires and provide quotes in a timely manner. These are all signs that they are reliable, and that things will go smoothly on your wedding day.

Place of Business

Do they have a studio? Do they operate out of a salon? Do they go on location?


They should be friendly, helpful, honest, and should go above and beyond to design the look you envision during your trial and on the day of your wedding. 

Bottom Line

You will be photographed with zoom lenses, recorded on HD video cameras, and the center of attention for the wedding guests all day long. Your makeup and hair has to look great the entire day. A trained, experienced artist will make you look beautiful and will help you through your day.