Professional Bridal Trial Photography

After your trial at our studio, you will know how your makeup and hair looks and feels in person, but what will it look like in your wedding photos?

Professional Makeup and Hair Trial Photography
Bridal trial photos are emailed same day.

We offer professional photography at our bridal trials so you can see high resolution pictures of your makeup with consistent, even lighting. You can clearly see all angles of your hair design in color and black and white.

Our wedding trial photos allow you preview your wedding day look on film and make any necessary changes before your bid day – we hope that it gives you peace of mind before your big day.

Professional Makeup and Hair Trial Photography
Photos are also sent in black and white. Preview your look before your big day!

Along with our detailed notes we compile after your trial, we always arrive with the photos of your trial for reference on your wedding day, ensuring that you receive the exact look you approved for the trial.

L-R: Color, B/W low contrast, B/W high contrast.
L-R: Color, low contrast, high contrast.